Christo Gates in Central Park (February 2005)

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Unfurling the Fabric

On February 12, 2005, Christo and Jeanne-Claude unveiled "The Gates" in Central Park. The "gates" are 7,500 saffron-orange frames with matching nylon fabric, scattered throughout the park. The frames had been put in place during the previous weeks.

The "empty" gates before unfurling.

Unfurling the gates. The fabric was stored in a cocoon on a cardboard tube at the top of the frame. The cocoon were individually opened to release the fabric during a three-hour period on Saturday morning. The fabric sheathes and cardboard tubes were carted away.

Unfurling a single gate: a sequence of photos.

Viewing "The Gates"


"The Gates" at the Bethesda Fountain. The fabric actually changes color as much as shown, depending on the sun and shadows.

The NYC skyline and the park, including the new Time-Warner Building at Columbus Circle, two views of the lake, and apartment buildings on the Upper West Side.

A couple of views around the park.

The police guarding the art, and a cold Todd.

Three Final Views

I haven't seen anyone else document the base of "The Gates," so I thought that I'd do it. I'm also showing a close-up of the material. My friend Steve took this wonderful picture of "The Gates," one color in the sun, another color in the reflection, that I wanted to include here.

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