Fire Island, The Pines and Eureka House
Summer 2008

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Todd and Howard on the Ferry

During high season, the ferries to the various Fire Island communities leave almost hourly during the day.

Loading the Night Ferry in Sayville   On the night ferry   The Night Ferry docks and unloads in front of The Pavilion nightclub

On Thursday and Friday nights, a night ferry leaves Sayville to go to The Pines.

Ribbons to warn walkers about trees on the boardwalk   Construction sculpture

Since cars are prohibited, The Pines has boardwalks rather than roads.

Later afternoon beach   At the water's edge - later afternoon

Foggy beach   Waves

The beach at The Pines is beautiful, but slowly being eroded away by storms.

Eureka entry   Eureka house and pool

Umbrella at Eureka House   Kana at the height of the season

Still life   Crab close-up

We have a share with three other couples at Eureka House on Seaview Walk.

Lunch at Eureka House   

Dick Karl   Steve Andy Alfredo Karl

We have lunch outside and dinner inside with our housemates at Eureka almost every day.

Eureka House pool - noon   Eureka House pool - sunset

Night pool   Eureka House pool - night

The house is surrounded by the forest and we have a beautiful pool. The lighting on the trees around the deck is new this year and is quite beautiful at night.

   Afternoon pool   

   Todd in Eureka House pool   Todd - Eureka House June 2008

Everyone enjoys sitting around the pool, reading or dozing. Todd enjoys the pool almost as much as the ocean.

Todd, Karl, Ken   Low tea      

Dave   Todd, Jeff, and Scott on the beach   Ivan

      High tea 2   High tea 3   High tea 4

Since we've been coming to Fire Island for a number of years, we have lots of friends and acquaintances in The Pines and the neighboring community, Cherry Grove. In the afternoon, we often go with friends to Low Tea (outside, in the early afternoon) or High Tea (in The Pavilion building on the deck upstairs, later).

Ascension Party on the beach   

The Ascension Party is a big party on the beach. It's amazing the amount of work and how elaborate the facilities are for an afternoon dance.

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