Photos of Florence, Italy (2002)

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Duomo from Ufizzi   Duomo and campanile from Ufizzi
Two views of Il Duomo (The Dome), built by Brunelleschi in 1434, from the roof cafe of the Uffizi. (It seems like all Italian museums have great cafes.)

Todd in Duomo   Last Judgement painting in Duomo
Todd inside the Cathedral of The Dome (with a one-handed clock in the background). The Last Judgement by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zucchari is painted inside The Dome.

Florence view from Duomo Window
It's more than 450 steps (that's more than 20 floors) to the top of the dome. This is Florence from one of the little windows on the way up.

Todd at top of Duomo with Florence view   Florence from top of Duomo
Todd (with Santa Croce in the background) and a view of the Tuscan Hills around Florence from the top of the dome.

Howard and Todd at Pitti Palace
Howard and Todd at the Pitti Palace, home of the Medicis, completed in 1472. (These people knew how to live: It has more than 400 rooms on three floors.)

Todd with statue of Hercules and two-headed dog
Todd at the cafe in the Pitti Palace with a statue of Hercules and a two-headed dog.

Florence and Tuscan Hills from Boboli Gardens   Todd in Boboli Gardens   Howard in Boboli Gardens
The Boboli Gardens are behind the Pitti Palace. The formal gardens include sculptures, fountains, and views of Florence and the Tuscan Hills.

Todd at base of Boboli Gardens
Todd at the base of the Boboli Gardens.

Howard with Ponte Vecchio    Ponte Vecchio at dusk
Howard (in shirtsleeves in November) with the Ponte Vecchio in the background and a dusk view of the river. The bridge (completed in 1565) was considered historically important enough that it was not bombed during WW II.

Arches of Ponte Vecchio   Ponte Vecchio jewelry store jewelry box
The Ponte Vecchio is now a jewelry shopping area. At night, the shops are enclosed in wooden, metal, and leather doors, like giant jewelery boxes.

Carousel at Santa Croce
A carousel in the plaza in front of Santa Croce at night. Most of the better restaurants we found in Florence were in this area.

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