Photos of Venice, Italy (2002)

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5 minutes after arriving in Venice    A few more minutes after arriving
What a first impression: Todd, about 5 minues after getting off the train in Venice, and St. Mark's Square, after a 15 minute vaporetto ride on the way to our hotel.

Spires of St. Marks   Howard with Spires of St Marks
The spires of St. Mark's Cathedral and Howard in the Doge's Palace overlooking the cathedral.

Howard overlooking St. Marks   Dry St. Marks
Howard on the roof of St. Mark's Cathedral overlooking St. Mark's Square and a dry St. Mark's Square.

San Marco Flooded with Todd   Todd in flooded San Marco
A strangely wonderful surprise: We woke up to find a flooded St. Mark's Square. (That's Todd hanging from a light pole in the first picture).

San Marco Flooded Shore   Howard in Flooded San Marco
Water washes over from the Grand Canal (without a handrail or warning sign in sight!) and Howard standing in front of the flooded cafe near the St. Mark's Belltower.

Howard Flooded San Marco   Walkers in Flooded San Marco
Howard in an empty, flooded St. Mark's Square and people, used to the floods, walking on the raised walkways (including a guy with a box on his head).

San Marco with watery reflections
St. Mark's Square with highly reflective, watery floor. (This picture, one of my better ones if I may say so myself, was taken with the Contax 35mm camera and scanned for the web.)

Fire fighters in canal   Police in canal
Even the fire department (Vigili del Fuoco) and police (Polizia) use the canals.

Todd on canal   Todd in San Marco
Todd on a minor canal and on the roof of St. Marks Cathedral, overlooking the Grand Canal.

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