Pueblo, Colorado (November 6 to 9, 2003)

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The Denver Airport


A nice airport with a "tent" roof and efficient trains to carry passengers to the main terminal.

Dad and Mom


And Bandit, too.

Diana and Union Depot


Pueblo's Mexican sister city, Puebla, donated a statue of Diana to Pueblo but Pueblo really didn't want it (since she's nude and shows powerful female imagery and non-Christian symbolism and all). The statue wound up in sort of an out-of-the way place in front of Union Depot. (Currently, the building is missing the "U" from its name, so it could be "Onion Depot.")

This is an earlier gift from Puebla to Pueblo, which the city put in a rather prominent position in front the El Pueblo Museum. The eagle and tile work was far preferable for Pueblo.

Veterans' Day Parade

While waiting for the parade on the Union Street bridge, I could look straight down and see a family fishing in the Arkansas River. All of the following pictures show the Arkansas River, Union Depot, and Pueblo.


Survivors from the Girl Scout/Girl Guide wars of the 1990's and some uniforms.


The helicopter from the Air Museum at the city airport, at which my dad helps once a week, and the marching band from East High School, which I went to many years ago.


World War II widows in a Mercedes (?!?#!) and the end of the parade heading downtown.



Abandoned buildings.

The roof of the new Rawlings Library (formerly McClelland Public Library) in Mesa Junction with Pueblo in the background.

Not much construction in Pueblo, but I found this modern "adobe" office being built.


An exhibit at the El Pueblo Historical Museum and a close-up of a model of a famous local building: the original Mineral Palace. The actual Mineral Palace was torn down years ago although Mineral Palace Park still exists downtown.



An auto shop that specializes in low-riders, and a combination radiator repair garage and beer garden.


A very handmade sign in the window of a store, complaining about a leased Xerox copier, and an insurance company whose motto is "In God We Trust."

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