Vacation in the Caribbean: St. Martin
November 26 to December 2, 2008

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Hotel L'Esplanade on Grand Case Bay
This was an exceptionally nice hotel where we spent our first two nights. The area is noted for its fine French restaurants.




The view from Pic Paradise
It was a treacherous drive to the top of Paradise Peak, the highest mountain on the island, in the tiny Toyota Camry rental car.

Hotel L'Hoste on Baie Orientale
We spent the rest of the week at this beach resort on the huge and beautiful Oriental Bay.



Windsurfers and Gallion Bay
Look carefully and you'll see an extremely air-borne windsurfer in the second picture.


Butterfly Farm




Grocery Store
St Martin gets its produce from around the world on a regular schedule.



Cruise to Prickly Pear Island
This all-day trip to a private beach was on the Winner Touch catamaran with a group of friendly French restaurant workers. The cruise included a sit-down lunch on-board the boat with a roasted pig and turkey.







"Vernacular" Commercial Buildings
Many buildings, both plain and highly decorative, are boarded up before "the season" starts. (We had a spectacular dinner at Le Pressoir; it's just closed for the day.)





"Vernacular" Houses
Many houses with modernist shapes are made from cinder block and poured concrete.