Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
July 2008

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Bobby Orr Hall of Fame   Georgian Bay

Sudbury, where Todd grew up, is four hours north of Toronto. On our drive there, we stopped for lunch at Perry Sound, where we saw the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame on the beautiful Georgian Bay.

Murray and Todd Mick   Todd in Lake Ramsey

When we got to Sudbury, we got together with Todd's dad, Murray. Lake Ramsey and Bell Park are in the middle of Sudbury, where we took a walk with Todd's dad.

Todd and Murray at Thornloe Chapel   Seven-sided Thornloe Chapel   Laurentian University

Todd's Tipi at Laurentian Univ   Interior of the tipi   Tipi at Laurentian Univ

The next day, we visited Laurentian University with Todd's dad. We saw the modernist Thornloe Chapel and the very clean modern buildings. There was also a tipi in the middle of campus.

Murray and Peter, Italian Social Club   Jennifer and Eric's wedding   Jennifer and dad, Eric and mom

Jennifer and Eric   Todd and baby   Howard, Italian Social Club

We went to Sudbury for Jennifer and Eric's wedding, which was held at the Italian Social Club in the Copper Cliff community. Jennifer is Todd's cousin. We went to the wedding with Todd's brother, Peter and his family, and Todd's and Peter's dad. It was a very nice non-religious ceremony. The reception with delicious food was held at the Social Club that evening.

Howard at the Big Nickel   Howard and the Superstack   Todd at the Big Nickel   Todd working in the nickel mine

Sudbury is the nickel capital of the world. We visited the "Giant Nickel" and took a tour through a small nickel mine that that they maintain for educational purposes.

Superstack (constructed photo)   Oxygen plant for Superstack (constructed photo)   Superstack and Italian Social Club

Sudbury is very industrial and the Inco Superstack in Copper Cliff dominates the city skyline. At a height of 1,247 feet (the equivalent of about 90 stories), it is the tallest chimney in the Western hemisphere, and the second tallest freestanding chimney in the world after the GRES-2 Power Station in Kazakhstan. Only the CN tower is taller than the Superstack in Canada.

Todd on French River snowmobile bridge   French River   Visitor center at French River   Howard on French River bridge

On the way back to Toronto, we stopped at French River, where we saw the beautiful French River, the snowmobile bridge, and the visitor center.


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